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Ford Brings the Technology We Need

The 2018 Ford Expedition will come with a feature that solves all the problems that may come from towing a vehicle. The Pro Trailer Backup Assist makes it as easy as turning a knob to back-up a trailer. When the feature is in use, the speed of the vehicle is limited to assure comfort for the passengers, and to ensure the settings are right and the trailer is going where it should be. The Expedition is already the best-in-class for towing with the ability of towing up to 9,300 pounds.


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Don't Forget to Wash Your Car This Summer

The weather is warming up and orange construction barrels are popping up all over. It's hard to avoid all construction areas and most people have to drive through them. If you do drive through a construction zone it is important that you remember to wash your vehicle every 1-2 weeks.

Why would construction zones mean I need to wash my car?

Construction zones are full of dirt, tar, dust, and other debris. These can easily get on your car without you even noticing. If this debris is left to sit on your vehicle's exterior for any extended period…
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How To Manage A Road Trip Breakdown

How can you handle yourself during a road trip break down? There are several ways to make sure you don't panic during the crisis. You should always pack an emergency kit with you. This could include road flares, a tire iron, flashlights and jumper cables. If you're going on a long trip, you should pack extra food. A hungry stomach might make you more nervous. You might need some energy in the form of food to keep your mind straight.

Breaking down can be tough. You'll need the number of your insurance company if you have towing…
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Three Ways to Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Car

Having good gas mileage is ideal because the further you can go on a tank of gas, the less you will have to refill. However, there are more ways than just this to have good fuel economy. Here are a few tips to help improve the fuel economy of your car:
1. Have properly inflated tires. Properly inflated tires can make a 0.6%-3% difference in gas mileage. Under-inflated tires cause gas to be used at a rate of 0.2% more per every 1 psi of less air.
2. Driving according to speed limits. Although a car’s…
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2017 Ford Focus: An Ally on Every Trip

Driving a new Ford Focus isn't just about harnessing the popular sedan's peppy acceleration and head-turning style. It's also about keeping you, your loved ones and other drivers safe on the road. Ford engineers implemented all the brand's latest safety features on Focus, including sensor technologies that can help prevent accidents from occurring. 

2017 Ford Focus S    Price: $16,729.00
Bodystyle: Sedan Int. Color: Charcoal Black
Engine: I-4 cyl Odometer: 4
Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic Stock #: SFS7010
Ext. Color: Oxford White Vin: 1FADP3E23HL227837


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The New 2017 Ford C-Max is the Perfect College-Bound Car!

Heading off to college is an exciting time and requires a lot of planning and preparation. The smartest thing you can do is purchase a great car to see you through. The new 2017 Ford C-Max is the perfect car for a college student. The 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine plus the electric motor gives it 188 horsepower combined and it offers a smooth acceleration for those still young drivers. The C-Max also offers plenty of headroom and leg room and can easily fit your friends plus your books. You can zip around campus on the electrical mode, saving the…
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Schedule Automotive Service without Hassle at J.C. Lewis Ford

Looking to take care of that oil change, tire rotation or check engine light but not sure when you'll be able to fit it into your hectic schedule? The J.C. Lewis Ford team invites drivers from across greater-Hinseville to utilize our online service scheduler. Busy parents, professionals, students and small business owners from across the region hold our online appointment maker at very high regard because it allows them to keep their car running great without missing commitments to work, family and friends. 


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Routine Oil Changes Provides a Healthy Engine

For many drivers; understanding vehicle maintenance can prove to be a difficult task. Whether you're a new vehicle owner or you've had vehicles previously, understanding the basics of an oil change is a top priority.

The oil used in your vehicle provides lubrication for your engine. As the engine parts move, they collectively heat up due to extensive friction. Vehicles lacking proper oil maintenance will often shake and make a loud noise. This shaking is due to the lack of lubrication. The noises are often a result of constant wear and tear of your engine...

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Enjoy Off-Road Adventures with the 2017 Ford Explorer

Are you someone who loves nature and going on adventures in the great outdoors? If so, then you certainly understand how important it is to choose a vehicle that is capable of tackling almost any terrain. The 2017 Ford Explorer is an excellent option for drivers who need to travel off-road.

The Explorer will get you safely to and from you adventure destination with its offered Intelligent Four-Wheel Drive system with Terrain Management...

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